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Monday, February 25

8:00am CST

9:30am CST

Annotation in the Digital Classroom Schaumburg GJoshua Piper Cultivate Critical Thinking Through Coding Utopia Threshold: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Randy Saeks • Cindy Crannell • Kasia Derza Curriculum and Methodologies for Neurodiverse Learners Schaumburg BJennifer Conwell • Paul Kosuth Epic Hack Battles of Teaching Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by Meteor (2nd Floor)Brandon Watters • Chris Wolf Everyone Can Create- Ignite Creativity with iPad  Utopia D: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Apple Go #BeyondCode with Sphero EDU Schaumburg DGarrett Gross Google Classroom 101 - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on Tour (2nd Floor)Lisa Thumann How We Gamified Google Certification Training Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning Space (2nd Floor)Adam Geisen • Mike Wielgus Infuse Technology into the Social Studies Classroom Utopia C (2nd Floor)Ben Sondgeroth Let’s Team Up! Getting started with Microsoft Teams Schaumburg H Partner RoomAdam Rummelhart Making Technology Work for You Utopia B (2nd Floor)Jacklyn Feldpausch Photovoice: Empowering Students through Issue-Based Photo Stories Schaumburg FSherri Kushner The Power of Servant Leadership Schaumburg EKristin Beeler • Christ Bohula Wanna Start an Educator Podcast? Schaumburg CMatt Weld Be A Social Media Superhero Nirvana B (2nd Floor)Tasha Newton • Joe Sanfelippo Educated By Design: Design The Space To Cultivate Creative Capacity Utopia A (2nd Floor)Michael Cohen Meet the Author: Luis Perez Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall)Luis Perez How Launching Blended Courses Have Advanced Student-Centered Commitment Across the District Euphoria (2nd Floor)Michelle Augustyniak • Stacey Gonzales • Tony Roditis Design Thinking Sprint By: Future Design School Prosperity (2nd Floor)Nick Aguina • Quin Henderson • Les McBeth Forming Flashy Fulfilling Formative Assessments (For Free!) Serenity (2nd floor)Jessica Iovinelli Makey Makey KnowledgeFILLINGHeather Giles

10:45am CST

12:30pm CST

Become a Google Certified Educator! Schaumburg FMegan Hacholski Evolving Meetings into Adventures Schaumburg EKristin Beeler Foster Creativity Through Visual Storytelling Utopia Threshold: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Sarah Lill • Aimee Redding Huh??? Copyright Explained Schaumburg AMelissa Rosen Mass Communications Interns: Amplifying Student Voice and Positive Culture in Your School Utopia B (2nd Floor)Kelly Jenkins • Anne Krolicki Microsoft Office 365 - More Than Just Email! Utopia C (2nd Floor)Jeff Gerdeman • Colleen Kaplan Mindful Movement Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by Meteor (2nd Floor)Scott Dillard News and Media Literacy Schaumburg H Partner RoomJennifer Ehehalt STEAM Scholars: Building a Creative, Progressive Curriculum for your STEAM Program Schaumburg GChristian Ball • Jonathan Wolfe Supporting Learner Agency in a Personalized Learning Environment with Google Tools Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning Space (2nd Floor)Jennifer Duffy • Kristen Stern • Angie Sutherland Synchronous Distance Learning--Are You Ready? InnovationDr. Mark Daniel • Brent McArdle What's that Pear? Introduction to Pear Deck - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on Tour (2nd Floor)Dave Frayser Designing A Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy Utopia A (2nd Floor)Ken Shelton Everyone Can Create in a 1 to 1 UDL Environment Utopia D: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Luis Perez Lead From Where You Are Nirvana B (2nd Floor)Joe Sanfelippo Meet the Superintendents & Authors: Q & A w/ Mike Lubelfeld & Nick Polyak Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall)Michael Lubefeld • Nick Polyak IGNITE : See Description for Titles/Sessions Euphoria (2nd Floor)Eric Patnoudes • Ben Sondgeroth • Joanna Carroll • Shawn McCusker • Lisa Berghoff Design Ed.: Connecting Learning Science Research to Practice Table 1 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Angela Elkordy • Dr. Ayn Keneman Educational Scavenger hunts! Amazing Race or Mission Impossible --Creating Activity Learning Table 2 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Ben Brazeau Let's make it personal; this isn't where YOU went to school! Table 4 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Ryan Adkins • Dr. Nick Baughman • Dr. Tim Shimp Tapping into the 4Cs with BreakoutEDU Table 3 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Cheri Bridge • Jill Forti

1:45pm CST

Bring Coding to your School with iPad Utopia D: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Apple Do We Need More Ed Tech?! Schaumburg APhilip Pulley Esports Scholarships Schaumburg CBrock Frazier GAME ON! How to Gamify Your Classroom & Maximize Engagement Utopia B (2nd Floor)Julie Smith How IKEA Can Help Remodel Your PD Euphoria (2nd Floor)Adam Geisen • Mike Wielgus Learning Space Transformation Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by Meteor (2nd Floor)Jennifer Brown Learning with iPad. It’s Personal!  Utopia Threshold: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Jordan Pelton • Charlene Chausis Let's Put CS First for our Students - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on Tour (2nd Floor)Jill Schwartzers • Lisa Thumann Media Literacy in a World of Memes and Fake news. Utopia C (2nd Floor)Shawn McCusker Not Your Grandma’s Literature Class Schaumburg DTraci Johnson Personal Passion Projects: What an Experience! Schaumburg GElizabeth Shutters Slide Into Assessments with Google Slides! Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning Space (2nd Floor)Jeremy Wickham Still Using Microsoft in a Google World? Schaumburg FJim Batson Tech Successes and Failures: Fostering a Growth Mindset in EdTech Schaumburg ENatalie Perry From Augmented to Virtual to Mixed Reality Nirvana B (2nd Floor)Jaime Donally Igniting The Spark: Empowering Students Through Media Creation Utopia A (2nd Floor)Michael Cohen Meet the Author - Hacking Digital Learning Strategies with Ed Tech Missions Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall)Shelly Sanchez Terrell Building Deeper Connections to the Natural World Through Video Technolog Table 1 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Max Metz • Megan Stern PJ PD with TeachIllinois Table 4 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Matt Weld Project -Based Learning in a 21st Century World Language Classroom Table 3 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Ashleigh Grambo • John Mehnert Stories of Heroes without Capes Table 2 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Danielle Abernethy • Olga Granat Genius Hour - Time to get Your Hands Dirty ImaginationKim Darche Google for Beginners Epiphany (2nd floor)Jacklyn Feldpausch Manage Session Digital Storytelling: Unlocking Student Voice Through Audio/Video Creation ConnectionBen Brazeau Tech Coach with a Tech "Plan" Serenity (2nd floor)Marcy Brugger Technology and Literacy: A Love Story Prosperity (2nd Floor)Rhonda Jenkins Un-PD Your School InnovationTaneesha Thomas

3:00pm CST

Apple in Education- What’s New for Teachers Utopia D: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Apple Breakout of GSuite! - How to “Break In” Staff Schaumburg CMichelle Adams • Kathy Wegley Ditch Your Multiple Choice Exam: Using Makerspace Projects as Final Exams Schaumburg BKara Kennedy Get Hyper with HyperDrawings Utopia B (2nd Floor)Tina Sabatello Innovation and Creation Across Content Areas Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by Meteor (2nd Floor)Sheila Ruh • Sherry Sejnost Lighting a Spark - Creative Student Voice Schaumburg DSteve Wick Photo Walk: Manipulating Light and Shadows  Utopia Threshold: Apple Education (2nd Floor)Apple Saving Time with Google Add-Ons & Extensions! Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning Space (2nd Floor)Kerri Young Shift your Districts EdTech into Gear-A Team Approach to Transforming Learning Schaumburg ERoger Alvey • Lindsey Lox • Cody Martzluf Spark Learning with Adobe on Chromebooks - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on Tour (2nd Floor)Lisa Thumann Teens, Twitter, and the Times: Teaching Controversial Topics to Teens Utopia C (2nd Floor)Christopher Johnson Student Centered Broadcasting Club Euphoria (2nd Floor)Christopher Frye The Hidden Entrepreneurs in your Classroom Schaumburg H Partner RoomLily Born Meet the Author - Book Signing with Michael Cohen Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall)Michael Cohen Nurturing Your Inner CEO with Executive Functioning Supports Utopia A (2nd Floor)Luis Perez Storytelling, Creativity, and Design Nirvana B (2nd Floor)Ken Shelton How Do You App Smash? Table 5 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Melissa Fierro Teach in their Playground with EdPuzzle Table 4 (Schaumburg Ballroom East)Ruth Kuzmanic