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Tuesday, February 26



#Screencastify Your Learning in G Suite - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on TourLisa Thumann 3-2-1...Action! It’s time for Your Student-Lead Morning News Broadcast! KnowledgeMaayan Sloan • Samantha Smith BreakoutEDU: Illinois InnovationShanna Castillo • Annmarie Clasky • Taneesha Thomas Connecting Students Globally to Spread Student Voice Utopia BJennifer Lehotsky Design Meetings that don't have Teachers Grading in the Back of the Room Schaumburg BKim Darche Esports in Education ProsperityJoe McAllister Idioms? Piece of Cake With Concept Maps, Games, and More Schaumburg CJasmine Myalil • Vicky Stella Inspiring Young Learners to Get Started with Code  Utopia Threshold: Apple EducationCindy Crannell • Nancy Gadzala • Karrin Burns Interns, Broadcasts, and Tweets, Oh My! Schaumburg DTraci Johnson • Libbie Rammage • Joe Sornberger Learning + Space = Redesigning Spaces that Reflect our Vision for Learning Schaumburg ABrian Engle • Alison Keller Making Sense of Instructional Leadership Schaumburg EPJ Caposey Nearpodizing Math Problem Solving with the Three Reads Strategy Utopia CAnne Kasa Old School Games used in a Techy Way Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning SpaceKari Moulton One Notebook to rule them all: How OneNote Class Notebook changes the scope of learning around the world Schaumburg H Partner RoomAdam Rummelhart Reading Comprehension and Digital Text: Striking a Balance Between Print and Electronic Formats Schaumburg GStacey Lang • Amy Rolain Redefining a Culture of Reading ConnectionClare Lund Sketch Walk: Observations Drawings  Utopia Threshold: Apple EducationApple Students will make 3D Video Games ImaginationJOSHUA ELISCU ThreeD with the ThreeRD, if third graders can do it so can you! EuphoriaKara Allison • Kayli Elliott • Dayna Perkins Transforming Reading and Writing Workshop in the Primary Classroom for 21st Century Learners Schaumburg FHilary Melick • Tracy Strebel Designing Learning Spaces for the STEM Mindset Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by MeteorRobert Dillon Gadgets Utopia ALeslie Fisher The IT Nobody Knows About...Innovation Teams Nirvana BMandy Froehlich Unleash Creativity with iPads Utopia D: Apple EducationPatricia Brown


Building a Student Social Media Team at Your School Schaumburg FTaylor Siebert Classroom Monitor to Learning Enabler - Using Hapara Highlights to Strengthen Teaching and Learning Schaumburg H Partner RoomMike Deleon • Hapara Connect With Other Classrooms...Across the Hall or Across the Globe! ProsperityAngie Levato • Alison Mahoney Engaging Educators in Anytime, Anywhere Relationship-Centered Professional Learning Schaumburg CMindy Gold Enhance Instruction for ELs with Tech Schaumburg BAmy Harder • Jasmine Myalil • Amy Welzenbach Everyone Needs a Coach: Fostering instructional innovation through the Dynamic Learning Project Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning SpaceJennie Magiera • Dee Lanier • Jason Markey Expanding beyond the classroom with ebooks Serenity (2nd floor)OverDrive Innovator's Fair - Immersing Students in Design Thinking Schaumburg DBonny Skutch • Lauren Wysocke PD Squared - Pear Deck for Professional Development - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on TourRisa Bennett Systemic Change and Stronger Communication Schaumburg ERenee Fitzsimmons • Rebecca Jenkins • Amy Lamberti The Apple Accessible School Playground Hosted by Apple Distinguished Educators Utopia Threshold: Apple EducationKarrin Burns • Cindy Crannell • Nancy Gadzala • Jordan Pelton • Luis Perez The World in Your Classroom: Authentic Experiences in Global Learning Schaumburg GTracy Crowley • Jodi Greenspan • Erica Shidle Using Tech to Assess with Standards Based Grading Utopia CGarnet Hillman Virtual Field Trips and Distant Mentors Schaumburg AShaun Marusek • Janis Michael VR and AR: Experience It For Yourself EuphoriaTaneesha Thomas What Can We Do For You!? Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall) What You Really Need to Know About Privacy in the Classroom Utopia BSteve Garton Everyone Should Create: Exploring Creativity Apps on the iPad Utopia D: Apple EducationMichael Cohen Generation NOW: Contemporary Teaching and Learning Utopia AKen Shelton Makerspaces Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by MeteorAdam Welcome The Show Must Go On Nirvana BMandy Froehlich Augmenting STEM with ZSpace Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Kristen Mattson Engaging Science Students with Digital Tools Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Jamie Lau Feedback: "The Fast & The Furious" Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Tina Sabatello PSA's You Can Use! Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Danielle Abernethy • Olga Ogranat Success and Failure of Hybrid (Self-Paced) Learning Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Sean Foster Coaching Teachers: Leveraging Technology for Fostering Higher Order Thinking Skills KnowledgeAmanda Carroll • Sean Crevier Create Your Own Virtual and Augmented Realities ImaginationMaria Galanis • Andrea Trudeau Forms & Sheets Smorgasbord: Do more with automated add-ons ConnectionMina Marien • Danielle Petros G Suite in the Writer's Workshop Epiphany (2nd floor)Sean Eichenser Spark Your Curriculum InnovationMelissa Rosen


Candyland 2.0 Serenity (2nd floor)Christine Borst • Kim Darche • Lindsay Zilly BIG DATA - What do your students need to know? Schaumburg CJulie Smith Building a healthy & compassionate student: Teaching compassion, character, and health/wellness ProsperityNoah Doppelt • Meaghan Joyce Candyland 2.0 Utopia BChristine Borst • Kim Darche • Lindsay Zilly Discover Schoolwork and Classroom: Powerful Tools for Teaching  Utopia Threshold: Apple EducationApple From K to (gen) Z: Tech Coaching in a K-12 District Schaumburg BMelissa Cikesh • Stephanie Leo Google Keep used as assignment board. Schaumburg H Partner RoomDana Wherley Make Learning Accessible with Google tools for every student, educator, and classroom. Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning SpaceAnne Nash • Michael Patterson • Britton Picciolini Maker Space & Classroom Technology Schaumburg DDarcy O'Connor Practice and Master Learning: Experience Quizlet - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on TourLisa Thumann Ready Player One: Gamify Your Classroom Schaumburg AStefanie Crawford Tech Tools to Turbocharge your school's career and college counseling program Schaumburg EShawn Messmer • Ken Wallace Visual Literacy in Every Classroom Utopia CBenjamin Hartman • Jennifer Leban Writing in the Digital World Schaumburg FErin Benaitis • Lisa Lynch e-NABLING the Future: Empowering Students, Changing the World Schaumburg GDr. Jennifer Calito • Helene Davitz Book Signing and Selfies Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall)Adam Welcome Leading Organizational Change Through The Transformation of Learning Spaces Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by MeteorRobert Dillon More Than a Voice: Text to Speech as a Support for Learning Utopia D: Apple EducationLuis Perez STEM is for All- Tackling Digital Equity Nirvana BPatricia Brown The Google You Might Not Know About Utopia ALeslie Fisher Panel: A Conversation On Modern Measures of Learning EuphoriaJon Bartelt • Phil Collins • Jeremy McBrayer • Lisa Westman • Shawn McCusker • Eric Patnoudes Build your own Hour Of Code activities with AppLab from Code.org Schaumburg Threshold Table 4David Ruth Cue, Bloxels, Osmo, Dash, Merge, Oh My! Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Ami Young Culturally Responsive Teaching & Global Awareness in a Pre-K - 2nd Classroom Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Jennifer LaRocque Turn Evidence into Outcomes: How to Drive Student Achievement Through Data-Led Decisions Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Caity Stockstell Word Work Workout Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Kara McFarlin • Michelle Thorne


Back to Basics: A Librarian’s Guide to Growth and Mastery Schaumburg AAmy Stefanski Breaking In or Breaking Out? Utopia CDonna Benhart • Heidi Kay • Stefanie Vogt Choice, Voice, & Inquiry: Blended Learning Schaumburg DMichael Biondo Designing for Learning- Creation-Space, Collaboratory or Library Media Center Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by MeteorJill Allshouse • Sean Baum Digital Citizenship Remixed Schaumburg FKara McFarlin • Michelle Thorne Engaging Primary Learners and English Language Learners with iPad  Utopia D: Apple EducationApple Get Dirty: Creating a Positive Culture through Involvement Schaumburg ELindsy Stumpenhorst Google Drawings for Beginners - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on TourLisa Thumann Hapara Hacks for a Happy Classroom ImaginationEvyan Wagner How do I start an Esports team? ProsperityJoe McAllister Infuse Creativity into Language Arts and Social Studies Utopia Threshold: Apple EducationCarolyn Skibba • Steve Douglass • Mitchel Meighen PD That Packs a Punch Schaumburg CStefanie Crawford • Jodi Gordon • Stefanie Pitzer Providing Tech Support for 1:1 Initiatives - Student Internship/Job Skills & Outsourced Solutions Schaumburg H Partner RoomChris Elkendier • Gary Haller Pump Up the Volume: Amplify Student Voice in the Classroom Utopia BSteve Wick • Melissa Wilson Smashboard Edu Schaumburg BDee Lanier The Integration of Minecraft in Education Schaumburg GScotty Vrablik Design Thinking and Creativity Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall)Michael Cohen Going Places With Google Geo Tools Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning SpacePatricia Brown Kids Deserve It Utopia AAdam Welcome Supporting Change Through Reflection: Digital Blog Portfolios Nirvana BMandy Froehlich IGNITE Sessions: See Description for Titles/Sessions EuphoriaElizabeth Broemmelsiek • Mia Gutsell • Leslie Pralle Osborn • Sarah South • Julie Tuten Active Literacies, Interdisciplinary Thinking & Cooperative Learning Tools Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Pam Goble • James Hultgren Innovate, Create, and Flip Learning with Google Classroom Mate! Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Natasha Smith Learner Profiles for Districts Who Dare Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Gail Pierson Solar Panel Model | 3D print - Arduino Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Kirk Mustain Storybook STEM Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Kathy Garneau Code & Create with Microsoft Make Code! Serenity (2nd floor)Kelsey Catena • Colleen Kaplan Compassionate Leadership: Leading with a Tech Mind and Heart KnowledgeAdam Smeets Creating Online, eLearning Experience for Kids and Adults Epiphany (2nd floor)Matt Weld Going Google? Stop Scanning Old Worksheets! InnovationPete Dulany • Haley Kalinichenko Seesaw: Showcasing Student Learning with Activities ConnectionBethany Martino • Carrie Molinero


Accessibility Features in Chrome and Google Drive - Google Edu on Tour Nirvana Threshold: Google Edu on TourLisa Thumann Are we preparing students for their future or our past? Schaumburg BEric Patnoudes Book Rallies: A Low Tech Pep Rally for Innovation ProsperityChristine Chiodo • Kristi Sutter • Brandon Thornton Bring Augmented Reality to your Classroom  Utopia D: Apple EducationApple From NOW to WOW: Using 4Cs & ISTE Standards to Increase Engagement and Creativity in Your Classroom Schaumburg CLissa Blake • Sheri DeCarlo • Megan Flaherty Host your own School Maker Faire ImaginationDain Elman Integrating STEM through Collaborative Learning Schaumburg H Partner RoomMichelle Eddy Keep Those Questions Coming!: Fostering Student Inquiry with Primary Sources Schaumburg GJoanne Zienty Making Magic with Google Apps Script (No Wands Necessary) Nirvana A: Google for Edu Learning SpaceAdam Geisen • Mike Wielgus Manage Your Time or Your Time Will Manage You Schaumburg EPJ Caposey Mobile Devices to Show and Tell Your Story Utopia Threshold: Apple EducationSteve Douglass Questioning History Utopia CChristopher Johnson Tech Tools That Bring Books to Life! Schaumburg FKara Thorstenson Totally Rad Tech Tips Schaumburg DNicole Loser • Stefanie Pitzer Unraveling the Web Utopia BJames Gubbins Engaging Students Through eSports EuphoriaAbdallah Faraj • Joe Tuttle • Greg Gardner All About The Rocketbook Utopia ALeslie Fisher Book Signing with Mandy Froehlich for Divergent EDU and The Fire Within Adventure Threshold (outside Exhibit Hall)Mandy Froehlich Educated By Design: Design The Space To Cultivate Creative Capacity Nirvana C: Flexible Spaces Classroom by MeteorMichael Cohen Interactive Leadership/Teaching Q&A Nirvana BAdam Welcome Storytelling with AR & VR Schaumburg AJaime Donally #NotAnotherSlideShow: Sixty Sensational Slides You Can Use Today! Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Avra Robinson (Vandre) • Kristin Lagerquist A Student's Creation in an iPad World Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Katie Adler • Samantha Barry • Ami Young Conservation of Energy Using Drones; Partnerships between media and the classroom Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Christine Borst • Suzanne Hegeman Digital Differentiation on a Dime ! Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Tina Sabatello PBL- How- What-When and even Why? Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Jennifer Carlson