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Monday, February 25





Go #BeyondCode with Sphero EDU Schaumburg DGarrett Gross How We Gamified Google Certification Training Nirvana AAdam Geisen • Mike Wielgus Let’s Team Up! Getting started with Microsoft Teams Schaumburg H Partner RoomAdam Rummelhart Making the LEAP from Library to Learning Lab! Schaumburg ALissa Blake • Stephanie Walker The Power of Servant Leadership Schaumburg EKristin Beeler • Christ Bohula Wanna Start an Educator Podcast? Schaumburg CMatt Weld Be A Social Media Superhero Nirvana BTasha Newton • Joe Sanfelippo Educated By Design: Design The Space To Cultivate Creative Capacity Utopia AMichael Cohen Meet the Author: Luis Perez Exploration ThresholdLuis Perez Become Immersed In Breakout EDU InnovationMaria Galanis • Billy Spicer Blazing a Trail for Technology, Making, and Design for the Littles: Preschool-Kindergarten Students ImaginationSarah Beebe • Mary Catherine Coleman Civil Discourse in a Digital World InspirationLeslie Pralle Osborn Computer Science Immersion in the Elementary Classroom ConnectionBeth Austin • Phil Hintz Design Thinking Sprint By: Future Design School ProsperityNicholas Aguina • Quin Henderson • Les McBeth Forming Flashy Fulfilling Formative Assessments (For Free!) Serenity (2nd floor)Jessica Iovinelli Propelling Language Growth 2.0 - Learn and Play with Tech Tools for EL’s Epiphany (2nd floor)Amy Harder • Jasmine Myalil • Amy Welzenbach Who Wants A BLT? (Balanced Literacy and Technology) PerfectionMeagan Dillon • Roshaunda Henson



Evolving Meetings into Adventures Schaumburg EKristin Beeler Huh??? Copyright Explained Schaumburg AMelissa Rosen Innovation and Creation Across Content Areas Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Sheila Ruh • Sherry Sejnost Literacy Meets Computer Science- Incorporating Computational Thinking in Language Arts Schaumburg DSarah Phelps Microsoft Office 365 - More Than Just Email! Utopia CJeff Gerdeman • Colleen Kaplan Moving from “One Size Fits All” PD Schaumburg CPete Dulany • Haley Kalinichenko STEAM Scholars: Building a Creative, Progressive Curriculum for your STEAM Program Schaumburg GChristian Ball • Jonathan Wolfe Supporting Learner Agency in a Personalized Learning Environment with Google Tools Nirvana AJennifer Duffy • Kristen Stern • Angela Sutherland The Hidden Entrepreneurs in your Classroom Schaumburg BLily Born Book Signing and Q&A Exploration ThresholdMichael Lubelfeld • Nick Polyak Designing A Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy Utopia AKen Shelton Everyone Can Create in a 1 to 1 UDL Environment Utopia DLuis Perez Lead From Where You Are Nirvana BJoe Sanfelippo IGNITE 1: See Description for Titles/Sessions EuphoriaLisa Berghoff • Julie Tuten Design Ed.: Connecting Learning Science Research to Practice Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Angela Elkordy • Dr. Ayn Keneman Educational Scavenger hunts! Amazing Race or Mission Impossible --Creating Activity Learning Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Ben Brazeau Let's make it personal; this isn't where YOU went to school! Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Ryan Adkins • Dr. Nick Baughman • Dr. Tim Shimp Tapping into the 4Cs with BreakoutEDU Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Cheri Bridge • Jill Forti


Do We Need More Ed Tech?! Schaumburg APhilip Pulley Giving a "Nudge" in Teacher-Coaching Schaumburg BKevin Neubert How IKEA Can Help Remodel Your PD Schaumburg CAdam Geisen • Mike Wielgus Interns, Broadcasts, and Tweets, Oh My! Schaumburg DTraci Johnson • Libbie Rammage • Joe Sornberger Learning Space Transformation Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Jennifer Brown Media Literacy in a World of Memes and Fake news. Utopia CShawn McCusker Slide Into Assessments with Google Slides! Nirvana AJeremy Wickham Still Using Microsoft in a Google World? Schaumburg FJim Batson Tech Successes and Failures: Fostering a Growth Mindset in EdTech Schaumburg ENatalie Perry Book Signing- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies with Ed Tech Missions Exploration ThresholdShelly Sanchez Terrell From Augmented to Virtual to Mixed Reality Nirvana BJaime Donally Igniting The Spark: Empowering Students Through Media Creation Utopia AMichael Cohen Building Deeper Connections to the Natural World Through Video Technolog Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Max Metz • Megan Stern Oodles of Learning Opportunities in Office 365 Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Toni Hotzfield PJ PD with TeachIllinois Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Matt Weld Stories of Heroes without Capes Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Danielle Abernethy • Olga Granat Active Music Making and Assessment with Interactive Technology InspirationManju Durairaj Chopped EDU: Where your recipe for success will combine ingredients, skills and knowledge! ImaginationKara McFarlin • Michelle Thorne • Lindsay Zilly Genius Hour - Time to get Your Hands Dirty InnovationKim Darche Google for Beginners Epiphany (2nd floor)Jacklyn Feldpausch Manage Session Digital Storytelling: Unlocking Student Voice Through Audio/Video Creation ConnectionBen Brazeau Tech Coach with a Tech "Plan" Serenity (2nd floor)Marcy Brugger Technology and Literacy: A Love Story ProsperityRhonda Jenkins Un-PD Your School PerfectionTaneesha Thomas


Tuesday, February 26



Building a Student Social Media Team at Your School Schaumburg FClass Intercom Engaging Educators in Anytime, Anywhere Relationship-Centered Professional Learning Schaumburg CMindy Gold Enhance Instruction for ELs with Tech Schaumburg BAmy Harder • Jasmine Myalil • Amy Welzenbach Expanding beyond the classroom with ebooks Schaumburg AOverDrive Hapara Schaumburg H Partner RoomHapara Innovator's Fair - Immersing Students in Design Thinking Schaumburg DBonny Skutch • Lauren Wysocke One Notebook to rule them all: How OneNote Class Notebook changes the scope of learning around the world Schaumburg H Partner RoomAdam Rappaport • Adam Rummelhart Systemic Change and Stronger Communication Schaumburg ERenee Fitzsimmons • Rebecca Jenkins • Amy Lamberti The World in Your Classroom: Authentic Experiences in Global Learning Schaumburg GTracy Crowley • Jodi Greenspan • Erica Shidle ThreeD with the ThreeRD, if third graders can do it so can you! EuphoriaKara Allison • Kayli Elliott • Dayna Perkins Using Tech to Assess with Standards Based Grading Utopia CGarnet Hillman Virtual Field Trips and Distant Mentors Nirvana AShaun Marusek • Janis Michael VR and AR: Experience It For Yourself Utopia BTaneesha Thomas Everyone Should Create: Exploring Creativity Apps on the iPad Utopia DMichael Cohen Generation NOW: Contemporary Teaching and Learning Utopia AKen Shelton Makerspaces Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Adam Welcome STEM is for All- Tackling Digital Equity Exploration ThresholdPatricia Brown The Show Must Go On Nirvana BMandy Froehlich Feedback: "The Fast & The Furious" Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Tina Sabatello PSA's You Can Use! Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Danielle Abernethy • Olga Ogranat Coaching Teachers: Leveraging Technology for Fostering Higher Order Thinking Skills ProsperityAmanda Carroll • Sean Crevier Create Your Own Virtual and Augmented Realities PerfectionMaria Galanis • Andrea Trudeau Forms & Sheets Smorgasbord: Do more with automated add-ons ConnectionMina Marien • Danielle Petros G Suite in the Writer's Workshop Epiphany (2nd floor)Sean Eichenser Spark Your Curriculum InnovationMelissa Rosen Streamlining the Classroom in the iGen Age Serenity (2nd floor)Liz D'Andrea • Anne Novak What's in Your Writing Wallet? KnowledgeJill Brown • Lisa Ward


Building a healthy & compassionate student: Teaching compassion, character, and health/wellness Schaumburg FNoah Doppelt • Meaghan Joyce Candyland 2.0 Utopia BChristine Borst • Kim Darche • Lindsay Zilly From K to (gen) Z: Tech Coaching in a K-12 District Schaumburg BMelissa Cikesh • Stephanie Leo Maker Space & Classroom Technology EuphoriaDarcy O'Connor Ready Player One: Gamify Your Classroom Schaumburg AStefanie Crawford Redefining a Culture of Reading ConnectionClare Lund Tech Tools to Turbocharge your school's career and college counseling program Schaumburg EShawn Messmer • Ken Wallace Visual Literacy in Every Classroom Schaumburg DBenjamin Hartman • Jennifer Leban Writing in the Digital World Utopia CErin Benaitis • Lisa Lynch E-Nabling the Future: Empowering Students, Changing the World Schaumburg GDr. Jennifer Calito • Helene Davitz Design Thinking and Creativity Exploration ThresholdMichael Cohen Kids Deserve It Nirvana BAdam Welcome Leading Organizational Change Through The Transformation of Learning Spaces Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Robert Dillon More Than a Voice: Text to Speech as a Support for Learning Utopia DLuis Perez The Google You Might Not Know About Utopia ALeslie Fisher Cue, Bloxels, Osmo, Dash, Merge, Oh My! Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Ami Young Culturally Responsive Teaching & Global Awareness in a Pre-K - 2nd Classroom Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Jennifer Dunmore Turn Evidence into Outcomes: How to Drive Student Achievement Through Data-Led Decisions Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Caity Stockstell Word Work Workout Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Kara McFarlin • Michelle Thorne


Back to Basics: A Librarian’s Guide to Growth and Mastery Schaumburg AAmy Stefanski Book Rallies: A Low Tech Pep Rally for Innovation Schaumburg BChristine Chiodo • Kristi Sutter • Brandon Thornton Breaking In or Breaking Out? Utopia CDonna Benhart • Heidi Kay • Stefanie Vogt Digital Citizenship Remixed Schaumburg FKara McFarlin • Michelle Thorne Get Dirty: Creating a Positive Culture through Involvement Schaumburg ELindsy Stumpenhorst PD That Packs a Punch Schaumburg CStefanie Crawford • Jodi Gordon • Stefanie Pitzer Pump Up the Volume: Amplify Student Voice in the Classroom Utopia BSteve Wick • Melissa Wilson The Integration of Minecraft in Education Schaumburg GScotty Vrablik Book Signing and Selfies Exploration ThresholdAdam Welcome Going Places With Google Geo Tools Utopia APatricia Brown Storytelling with AR & VR Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Jaime Donally Supporting Change Through Reflection: Digital Blog Portfolios Nirvana BMandy Froehlich IGNITE Sessions: See Description for Titles/Sessions EuphoriaElizabeth Broemmelsiek • Sean Foster • Mia Gutsell • Leslie Pralle Osborn • Sarah South Innovate, Create, and Flip Learning with Google Classroom Mate! Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Natasha Smith Storybook STEM Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Kathy Garneau Add Standards-Based Feedback To Your Schoology Gradebook PerfectionRobert Schuetz • Keith Sorensen Code & Create with Microsoft Make Code! Serenity (2nd floor)Kelsey Catena • Colleen Kaplan Compassionate Leadership: Leading with a Tech Mind and Heart InspirationAdam Smeets Design Thinking, Innovation, and Creativity KnowledgeMelissa Rosen Give Students a Voice - Amazing Digital Books Created with Pages ProsperityCharlene Chausis • Rita Mortenson Going Google? Stop Scanning Old Worksheets! InnovationPete Dulany • Haley Kalinichenko Seesaw: Showcasing Student Learning with Activities ConnectionBethany Martino • Carrie Molinero


Are we preparing students for their, future or our past? Schaumburg BEric Patnoudes Connect With Other Classrooms...Across the Hall or Across the Globe! EuphoriaAngie Levato • Alison Mahoney From NOW to WOW: Using 4Cs & ISTE Standards to Increase Engagement and Creativity in Your Classroom Schaumburg CLissa Blake • Sheri DeCarlo • Megan Flaherty Host your own School Maker Faire Schaumburg ADain Elman Keep Those Questions Coming!: Fostering Student Inquiry with Primary Sources Schaumburg GJoanne Zienty Making Magic with Google Apps Script (No Wands Necessary) Nirvana AAdam Geisen • Mike Wielgus Manage Your Time or Your Time Will Manage You Schaumburg EPJ Caposey Tech Tools That Bring Books to Life! Schaumburg FKara Thorstenson Totally Rad Tech Tips Schaumburg DNicole Loser • Stefanie Pitzer Unraveling the Web Utopia BJames Gubbins All About The Rocketbook Utopia ALeslie Fisher Book Signing with Mandy Froehlich for Divergent EDU and The Fire Within Exploration ThresholdMandy Froehlich Educated By Design: Design The Space To Cultivate Creative Capacity Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Michael Cohen Interactive Leadership/Teaching Q&A Nirvana BAdam Welcome #NotAnotherSlideShow: Sixty Sensational Slides You Can Use Today! Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Avra Robinson (Vandre) • Kristin Lagerquist A Student's Creation in an iPad World Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Katie Adler • Samantha Barry • Ami Young Digital Differentiation on a Dime ! Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Tina Sabatello PBL- How- What-When and even Why? Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Jennifer Carlson Twitter Chats: 24/7 PD at Your Fingertips Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Doug Fisher


Wednesday, February 27


20% Time / Genius Hour - Tech Tools For Project Based Learning Nirvana ASean Crevier Building Digital Literacy through Primary Sources Schaumburg GJoe Galvan • Cristina Geisler • Carol Humm Demystifying Spreadsheets: Unlock your Cell and Free your Data Utopia CMina Marien • Danielle Petros Google Classroom and Google Suite for School Librarians Utopia BKara Thorstenson SHOUTT: Students Helping Others Understand Their Thinking Schaumburg DNancy Gadzala • Bethany Martino Skills for Innovative Leadership Schaumburg EMatthew Joseph Using Digital Badges For Motivation In the Classroom Schaumburg CKeith Sorensen Using OneNote for a Streamlined Digital Classroom Schaumburg FColleen Kaplan The Role of Play in Makerspaces to Promote STEAM Learning Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Greg McDonough YouTube and the 21st Century School EuphoriaMax Vikhter Be The One For Kids Utopia ARyan Sheehy Divergent EDU Nirvana BMandy Froehlich Tools You Can Use Tomorrow Schaumburg East/West (Ballroom)Leslie Fisher Board Games as an Educational Tool ConnectionCorrie Clemens Cardboard Challenge: a celebration of creativity, innovation, and teamwork InspirationDain Elman Creating a Makerspace in your Classroom! ProsperitySarah Horner InFORM Yourself: Using Data for Differentiation PerfectionDerrick Swistak • Collin Voigt Makey Makey - An Invention Kit for Everyone Serenity (2nd floor)Jennifer Carlson Mythbusters EDU: The Empowered Learner Episode InnovationKara McFarlin • Michelle Thorne • Lindsay Zilly Playing Is Learning Epiphany (2nd floor)Lior Kakon • Igal Kakon Technology in Support of English Language Learners for the 21st Century KnowledgeCelia Marquez • Eric Santos ICE / IETC Leadership Summit w/ Joe Sanfelippo Schaumburg East/West (Ballroom)Joe Sanfelippo


"Making" Literacy Rich Expereinces Schaumburg ALinda Diekman Diving in, head first, to Standards-Based Grading Schaumburg DRae Hughart Flip, Don't Flop: Instructional Video Design From the Ground Up Utopia CEmily Coklan • Jenni LaBrie • Dana Ladenburger • Matt Marston • Casey Veitch • Suzanne Weider Let them Lead: Giving Students Opportunities to Facilitate their own Learning Utopia BSarah Binder • Jennifer Eggert • Layne Winiarczyk Make your elementary classroom INCREDIBLE 2 with STEM! Schaumburg GSheril Flynn • Stephanie Zeidler Next Generation Conferences: Not just SITting Around Schaumburg CTammi Lapinski • Kristi Sutter Reading for Meaning with Read Naturally Live Schaumburg H Partner RoomCarol Ann Kane So, our journey changed course...NOW what? Schaumburg ECathy Fisher • Becky Mathison • Meg Ormiston • Courtney Orzel ARTEC: Arts and Technology Across the Curriculum Schaumburg FMelissa Ramlow • Natalie Vanlaningham Using Epic! to Enhance a Reading Program Schaumburg BKristie House Creating Cohesive GSuite PD with Tracks Nirvana BMandy Froehlich Makerspaces Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Adam Welcome Rocketbook Signing with Leslie Fisher ICE PLN PlazaLeslie Fisher Vanilla or Neapolitan? Utopia ATerence White A Quest for Equity in Illinois EuphoriaTaneesha Thomas Digital Differentiation Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Jennifer Buelow Google for All: Projects and Activities for Every Classroom Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Erin Benaitis • Erin Buteau • Lisa Lynch • Jill Young LocatED App: Locate Professional Learning Opportunities and Connect Globally with Educational Professionals Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Joanna Carroll Managing Inquiry to Deepen Learning Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Kelli Lane • Shannon Schroeder Minecraft: First Time Around the Block! Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Ted DeBruin • Diane Powell • Simon Vasey


Breaking Financial Barriers Through Blended Learning Utopia BNoah Doppelt • Meaghan Joyce Building Student Leaders Through Broadcasting Utopia CCassidy Kuhlmann • Matthew Tombs But Wait There's More... Even More from Google for Education! Nirvana AAndy Fekete Dive-In for Cross-Curricular Differentiated Instruction Schaumburg GSarah Enger • Sarah Gamradt Once You Go Paperless, You Never Go Back! Schaumburg BJama Eddleman • Stephanie Hill Reimagining Research Schaumburg ALinda Diekman Trending Ed Tech … Giving Your Teachers PD They Love! Schaumburg CChristine Chiodo • Tammi Lapinski • Kristi Sutter • Brandon Thornton Visual Literacy and Video Creation with WeVideo. Schaumburg FKevin Neubert Want to build an inclusive classroom? Seven steps to make learning more accessible. Schaumburg H Partner RoomAdam Rummelhart Be the One for Kids Nirvana BRyan Sheehy Book Signing and Selfies ICE PLN PlazaAdam Welcome Leading Organizational Change Through The Transformation of Learning Spaces Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Robert Dillon TBD Utopia ASalome Thomas El IGNITE Sessions: See Description for Titles/Sessions EuphoriaNicholas Aguina • Steven Elgeness • Matthew Joseph • Sarah Margalus • Matt Weld Math in the Digital World Schaumburg Threshold Table 3Erin Buteau • Jill Young Transforming Students into Game Designers Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Mary Baker Using Technology to Practice and Play: Data Collection Tools Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Monica Griffin


Art and Music Go Hand and Hand With Technology Schaumburg FCathy Houchin Become a 4 C's Ninja Schaumburg BStacy Nemec • Kim Paulus Bringing your In-District PD Online Nirvana ATyler Breitbarth Elevating Student Learning with SAMR Schaumburg H Partner RoomJennifer Brown Reaching ALL Students with Mastery Learning Schaumburg DRae Hughart Supercharge your PD! Schaumburg EChappel Billings When The Bleep Are We Going To Use That! Utopia CRobert Griegoliet Using Board Games to Teach the 4C's Schaumburg ACorrie Clemens Designing Learning Spaces for the STEM Mindset Nirvana C (CDW-G Modern Learning Classroom)Robert Dillon Let's Make Some Videos Utopia DAdam Welcome Merge Cube: It’s best apps, tips, tricks, insights and stories from the classroom Nirvana BLeslie Fisher The Show Must Go On Utopia AMandy Froehlich Assess everyone’s level of readiness. Differentiate your lessons with EdTech tools. Schaumburg Threshold Table 5Jeffery Barlow Coaching: The After Hours Schaumburg Threshold Table 4Angela Gonzales • Justin Gonzalez Genius Hour with GSuite Schaumburg Threshold Table 1Jennifer Buelow Using Classcraft to influence Social/Emotional learning Schaumburg Threshold Table 2Douglas McArthur • Dallas Turner ALL IN - For every student to succeed our adult learning programs have to mirror students Epiphany (2nd floor)Jill Geocaris • Allison Gest • Ken Wallace Better Together: Practically Painless Assessments With Google Forms and Classroom ConnectionJama Eddleman • Stephanie Hill Breakout!: Design Your Own Digital Escape Room Serenity (2nd floor)Stefanie Crawford Coding Isn’t Just for Big Kids! Coding in the Primary Grades! InnovationVickie Antonsen • Beth Tortorello Design Thinking: Not Just for Techies and Makers KnowledgeElizabeth Shutters Grow a Grassroots Movement by Cultivating Personalized PD PerfectionEmily Coklan • Jenni LaBrie • Dana Ladenburger • Matt Marston • Casey Veitch • Suzanne Weider


Thursday, February 28