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Dallas Turner

Rockford Public Schools
Physics Teacher
Rockford, Illinois
Dallas is a high school physics teacher, former technology coach and model rocketry enthusiast. In addition, he is a board member of the StateLine Illinois Computing Educators. He enjoys finding problems and their solutions which is why he does what he does. He is a level 1 Certified High-Powered Rocketeer, a Level 2 Google Certified Educator and finds himself making puns way more than necessary. Dallas is a life-long learner, always willing to try for one new skill or idea. He is looking for ways to involve his students in the process and community of science to open the doors of opportunity to them.

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Monday, February 25

8:00am CST

9:30am CST

10:45am CST

1:45pm CST

3:00pm CST

Tuesday, February 26

8:00am CST

9:15am CST

10:30am CST

12:30pm CST

1:45pm CST

4:00pm CST

Wednesday, February 27

8:00am CST

10:00am CST

11:15am CST

12:45pm CST

2:30pm CST

3:45pm CST

Thursday, February 28

9:00am CST

1:00pm CST

2:15pm CST

3:30pm CST