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Becky McDowell

Barrington 220
K-5 STEM Teacher
Greater Chicago Area
Life-long learner and educator, Becky McDowell is currently a K-5 STEM teacher and team leader for Barrington 220. In this role her main job is to play with LEGO robots - and teach students to do the same! Becky’s goal is to develop students who think critically & creatively, collaborate, and communicate and use the Engineering Design Process to solve problems. Always looking for new challenges she keeps busy with freelance editorial and product development work, regional & national presentations, and edutaining her Kindergarten twins.

Recently, Becky completed a STEM certificate through Tufts University and is now a Teacher’s Assistant for the online program. She also holds a BA in Elementary Education and a MS in Natural Science Education. A few past positions include Naturalist, MS Science Teacher, K-8 Differentiation Coach and 6-8 Math Coach, New Product Development Manager for Science, Curriculum Specialist, Science Center Program Manager, and K-8 Gifted Teacher/District Coordinator.

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