Welcome to #ICE19! 
For full conference details, please visit conference.iceberg.org and be sure to follow #ICE19 on Twitter. Here are a few links to check out as you plan for #ICE19:
Enjoy this resource to plan your time at #ICE19! Don’t forget to register for the conference at conference.iceberg.org. 
We look forward to seeing you soon!
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Sean Baum

MeTEOR Education
VP, West
Brentwood, Ca
Passionate believer that the learning environment is not neutral. It either positively or negatively impacts the teacher and student and only by aligning the pedagogy, technology, and learning space can we truly realize how we can positively change the outcomes and experiences for teachers and students. We can bring transformations to the types of teaching and learning in our schools but only with the unwavering commitment of administrators, teachers, parents, and the community to lead new ideas that may at first be painful and a bit scary but will lead to true teacher and student success and visible results.